Why CPF?

Consultation Guided by Experience – CPF has been providing volume pricing and premium support for decades.


Data Security- Our HIPAA compliant facilities and security solutions
reduce your exposure to breaches, downtime, fraud, theft, and potential litigation.


Product Selection with Value Pricing -The products we recommend have been carefully vetted for quality and support to meet the needs and budgets of our partners.  Aggressive pricing equal to the typical “no service, no support” suppliers.


The CPF Service Center - From roll out to refresh,  our award winning technicians provide live, USA based, support, solutions, and warranty/non-warranty repair, during the life of your products.


Our Alliance Philosophy-  CPF is a trusted alliance partner you can count on.  Coordinated support for your IT needs is critical to maintaining efficiencies, ROI, and productive users.


Your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.

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